Hey there! I'm Jenn (๊ฐ€ํ˜„). ๐Ÿงช

I'm a San Francisco-based ๐ŸŒ‰ Product Designer passionate about designing intuitive solutions for data and AI/ML products to empower people to achieve more. I'm currently at Cruise, working on ML experimentation tools for autonomous vehicles.

Previously at Meta AI, C3.ai, IBM Watson IoT, Google Firebase, and USAA.


Major projects from industry experience and university, mainly focused on AI and machine learning.

No-code ML with C3 Ex Machina

Enabling AutoML functionality for non technical users

AI/ML Tools

Space Monitoring with IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT)

Surfacing and visualizing IoT data and AI-driven insights for buildings

AI/ML Tools

Developer Experiment Analytics with Google Firebase

Enabling developer analytics and experimentation workflows (Internship)

Developer Tools

Conversational Digital Assistants with Ford Motor Company

Collaborative project with Ford exploring the role of digital assistants in future mobility experiences

Conversational UI
University Project (Company Collaboration)

Google Maps Reimagined

Collaborative project with Google reimagining the future of Google Maps for the young urban user

University Project (Company Collaboration)


Fostering spontaneous, global connections through anonymous conversations

Social Connections
University Project

Model Monitoring with Meta AI Platform

Designing tools for Meta's internal ML engineers to manage their models

AI/ML Tools

Model Deployment and Monitoring with C3 AI Studio

Creating a platform for comprehensive ML model evaluation and operations

AI/ML Tools

IoT Exhibit Monitoring Dashboard (IBM Munich Residency Project)

Monitoring dashboard for an IoT visitor exhibit at the IBM Munich Center

Monitoring Tools

Dawn - Hurricane Response and Recovery for Citizens and Local Governments

Situational awareness concept for hurricane response and recovery

Disaster Response
Consumer + Enterprise
University Project

Flyer - Incentivizing Community Engagement and Volunteering

Senior capstone project on incentivizing community engagement and volunteering

Community Engagement
Consumer + Enterprise
University Project

Visually Guided Onboarding for Blockchain Platform (IBM Patterns Project)

A visually-driven onboarding experience for new users of IBMโ€™s blockchain platform


Assorted smaller-scale experiments and explorations.

Stress Detector Glove

Arduino prototype exploring how galvanic skin response could help indicate stress levels while working

ASL Letters + Constellations

Using the Leap Motion to "light up" different constellations based on ASL letter sign

USAA Internship

Working on USAA Mobile app experiences

Context-Aware Google Assistant Concept

Exploratory concept for new applications of Google Assistant